One of the taglines of The Sear’s publisher Trop Gun Shop is “Equipping your independence.”  Like its fountainhead, The Sear holds that phrase fundamental to how it operates.  Besides trying to engage as many individuals as possible and welcome them to gun ownership, our first two issues have focused on equipping them with the technology and know-how to be as independent in their engagement with gun culture and the many cultures that surround it.  But never has that credo dictated the content to the degree that it does in this issue.

Building upon Anette’s “Gear Up” article, Gordon Meehl makes us all smarter about our range time with a range bag overview.  Building upon his handgun fundamentals and “slimnine” overview, Mas Ayoob drills down on the Springfield EMP4, a lightweight, slimnine 1911 that’s on the cusp of making its mark on the industry. Mr Whitetail Larry Weishuhn joins Craig Boddington to leave no stones unturned in evaluating today’s hunting culture and media. Kyle Lamb returns to assess the viability of digitizing your handgun sights.

In the culture and ownership of guns in the US it is often the ordinary that is at stake.  In this issue, Tatiana Whitlock crafts an essential everyday carry scheme that will keep you protected but have the most minimal impact on how you move about your day.  Proving that self-protection is not just about the physical, Oleg Volk does what he does best and communicates ideal methods for discussing guns and gun politics with those who disagree – with the exclusive goal of winning hearts and minds.

Most importantly this issue shows once again that gun ownership pervades every facet of a gun owner’s life.  Tending to each of those areas and growing them is vital for the expansion of gun culture in the US and abroad.

Join The Sear and go beyond gun.